On , Atlassian announced changes to their Server and Data Center offering, which means major changes to all users of Atlassian Server and Data Center products.
This guide will help you navigate your options.

Please also check out our Atlassian Migration Infographic (PDF).

Update ():
We’ve received many questions from our German and European customers about the legal implications of using Atlassian Cloud in Germany or the EU. Read more: Atlassian Cloud for German and European Customers

  • Atlassian will stop selling new server licenses on .

  • On , Atlassian will also increase maintenance prices for existing Server and Data Center licenses between 15% and 140%.

  • Atlassian will stop supporting Server products on . You should plan to stop using Server products by then because they won’t be receiving support and security fixes whatsoever.

The timeline of changes with the relevant dates:

Your Action is Required:

If you are still running Server or Data Center products, it’s time to act:

If you use Server products...

Decide, if you migrate to Cloud or Data Center, and learn what to consider for the migration. In addition, make sure you get the best prices for your Atlassian licenses during the transition period.

Read the details:

If you run Data Center products…

Check your license status and renew your subscriptions before the price increase (the prices will increase between 15% and 140%(!)).

Read the details:

If you are already on Cloud…

Congratulations on being an early mover!

But now is also a great time to determine whether your team has the right Cloud Plan:

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Some Information About Apps:

In case you are here to learn more about the K15t apps, we have good news. Most of our apps already run on Data Center and Cloud as we aim to bring the best possible experience to our customers.

Besides the K15t apps, you’ll need to check the other apps running in your instance, including custom apps: Learn About App Compatibility

The K15t team
October 18, 2020