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Overview Atlassian Cloud Plans

Atlassian currently offers four different Cloud plans: Free, Standard, Premium and Enterprise. Follow the resources at the bottom of this page for more details.

Atlassian Cloud Plans





The Free plan is for small teams of fewer than 10 people who are just getting started with the Atlassian Cloud.

Support is available via the Atlassian Community only.

There are limitations to features like permissions, roles, audit logs, email notifications.

Nevertheless, this plan works great for initial testing, evaluations and basic training.

As your team grows, and you need tighter access control, more file storage, and better support, you can move to Standard and benefit from advanced permissions, more file storage and better support.

With the Standard plan you can add up to 10,000 users or 5,000 Service Desk agents.

This plan gets you the best of everything, including Premium dedicated customer support and unlimited storage.

With Premium, features are available to test, you can control rollout of updates (sandbox), and individually configure how Atlassian product changes are released to your instance (release tracks).

Cloud Enterprise is the highest tier Cloud plan for the flagship Atlassian products – Jira Software, Confluence and Jira Service Desk.

It offers enterprise customers global scale and performance in the Cloud, centralized admin controls as well as enterprise-grade security. 

With Enterprise Cloud, customers are able to control data residency and fulfill regulatory compliance.

Migrate to Cloud

If you’re interested in learning more about migrating your Server or Data Center instances to the Cloud, start here: Migrate to Cloud.

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