So you’ve decided that you want to migrate, but where to?

Atlassian has created a quiz in order to help you decide where you should to migrate to:
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If you would like to challenge or validate your quiz result, you can compare some of the key differences between the offerings below:


Data Center

  • Hosted by Atlassian - less administration efforts, but also less control about the infrastructure and data storage

  • Flexible licensing allows you to pay exactly for the users you need though annual licensing with fixed user tiers give you 2 free months a year

  • User accounts are limited to a maximum of 10,000 users - 20,000 to come in 2021

  • New features are available immediately - an Enterprise plan allows delaying new features for up to 4 weeks.

  • No need for manual upgrades anymore

  • Fewer marketplace apps - Learn About App Compatibility

  • Limited control over data residency available with an Enterprise plan

  • Hosted by you - higher administration efforts, but also more control about the infrastructure and data storage

  • Unlimited users possible

  • Full control of your system - you can and need to administer the data storage, applications and infrastructure

  • New features are available after manual upgrades

  • Manual upgrades needed

  • Data residency - you can choose where you store your data

Further information

Further information

Next Steps

Learn more about the actual migration - either to Cloud or Data Center.

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