Can all Server installations of Confluence and Jira be migrated to Data Center?

  • Yes, however version updates and/or infrastructure updates might be required.

Since Confluence 7.2 | Jira 8.8 a simplified Data Center deployment is available, you just need to apply a Data Center license to your Server installation.

Is there anything I should check before migration?

Do I need additional infrastructure to run Data Center?

  • If you run Data Center with a single node setup there is no need to change anything.

  • If you decide to cluster Data Center to benefit high availability and failover, then performance and scale and instant scalability changes to your infrastructure are required.

I am running multiple individual Server installations – any tips?

  • Consolidate multiple individual Server installations into a single Data Center deployment to save costs and help you scale.

We are running a lot of custom developed Apps – how do we get them running in Data Center?

  • As with Server, Data Center Apps are built using the Atlassian plugin software development kit (SDK). However there are some differences – read the developing for Data Center guidelines to learn more.

  • Running Apps successfully on Data Center for years, we can also help you in this journey. Just get in touch with us.

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